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You own your home outright and you are older than 60 years of age? What are you waiting for? It is time now, more than ever, to enjoy life with the residential revenue program CHIP. You can use part of the equity of your home and realize your projects. It is now time and you deserve it! The residential revenue program CHIP introduces a simple way to access part of the net value of your home and converted it into liquid money. You can use it to enjoy life, have a fallback option or realize your dreams. With a traditional mortgage, you must make regular monthly payment to reimburse principal and interest. With a reversed mortgage, you are the one who receives payments. You will have no monthly payments as long as you live in your home, you will remain the sole owner of your home and your legacy is protected. Rest assured that the amount that you must reimburse will never exceed the current market value of your house and this is guaranteed. It is possible to receive up to 40% of the market value of your home and this amount is not taxable. You can use this money for additional revenues, trips, renovations, a luxury car, a boat, a second home… Enjoy life today!

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