For the inexperienced, the purchase of a first home can be an adventure filled with surprises and new developments, one as unpredictable as the next.

Of course, this important acquisition cannot be taken lightly!  The steps are numerous, as is the paperwork.  The emotion level is high, and so is the stress involved in making sure that all goes smoothly.  Buying a first home should not be a big strain and should not bring uncertainty and insecurity.

IMERIS Mortgage Agency invites you to read the CMHC’s (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) guide to home buying step by step . It is very comprehensible and thorough, and is geared towards first time homebuyers.

Simply put: Make an appointment with an IMERIS Mortgage Agency Advisor, your ally in mortgage management.  You will find that buying your first home can be an exciting and positive experience. Take advantage of IMERIS Mortgage Agency’s experience, knowledge and advice!