The Internet is a wonderful tool. As we know, it has the power to change the way that we live; with a couple clicks of the mouse you can follow the news, buy goods and services, and communicate with the entire world. It is very important for IMERIS Mortgage Agency to help our customers protect their privacy and personal information when they benefit from the access to our technology on the Web.


Protection of personal information

This form is to describe our policies and procedures with their usage so that you may have control on the way that we are gathering, using and the divulging the information concerning you. To obtain more details on our policy for the protection of private life please call 514-507-1999.


Our policy regarding the protection of personal information is protecting our customers.


When you become a customer of IMERIS Mortgage Agency and each time that you apply for one of our products or benefit from one of our services we inform you that:

1. Besides your name, address and phone number and we also need information to be able to:

  • Identify you.
  • Protect you and protect and IMERIS mortgage agency against error and fraud.
  • Know your needs and if you are admissible to our products and services.
  • Recommend you products and services that meet your needs.
  • Provide you with a constant service.
  • Meet the different laws and regulations.

2. We may occasionally contact your employer or people that you have referred to us to verify some information.


The use of your social insurance number on the mortgage application is the best way to ensure that the information transmitted by the credit evaluation bureaus is concerning you. You understand that by giving us this number you are doing so voluntary to ensure that we gather the correct credit information and if you choose not to transmit us your social insurance number, this will not affect the continuance of the mortgage application.


We gather, use and divulge personal information only for the needs that reasonable person would find appropriate in the circumstances.


We gather and use the information regarding your situation only with your consent. We therefore need your consent to be able to:

  • Verify your employment.
  • Obtain information from a credit bureau.
  • Offer you other products and services.
  • Send you information on products and services using direct marketing.
  • Communicate confidentially the information concerning you to other units in our mortgage agency as long as it is permitted by law.
  • Gather, use or divulge information concerning you, unless the law or the protection of our mutual interests forbids us to do so.



We protect personal information against error, loss or unauthorized access.

All personnel that have access to personal information know how to use and keep it confidential. Every employee must sign an agreement stating that the respect of confidentiality is a condition of employment with IMERIS Mortgage Agency.


Our technology specialists and computer experts have put in place mechanisms of security on all of our computer systems. These mechanisms protect the information concerning you at all times, while they are conserved on files, processed by our personnel or transmitted.


The personal information is destroyed as soon as it is not needed to complete our mandate.

We keep the personal information concerning you for as long as we need it for the products and services that we are using and offering you, for a reasonable period after or to be compliant with the different legislations. Our policies of document conservation respect those of the authorities. When the information is no longer needed to complete our mandate we destroy or delete it.


You can withdraw your consent after giving it.

You can withdraw your consent at any time after giving it to us, as long as laws and jurisdictions are respected. However, to respect the integrity of the systems of the credit bureaus we must update your information with these credit bureaus as long as you have a credit with us. You cannot withdraw your consent for that reason during that time.


If you do not consent to the usage of your information or if you withdraw your consent, it is possible that we may not be able to offer you certain products or services. If this situation occurs we will explain the reasons why and help you reach an informed decision.


You may see the information concerning you and verify it’s exactness. You may examine information concerning you to verify, update, correct or delete the ones that are now obsolete. We can demand that this be done through a written request. You do not pay any fees to verify or correct information regarding yourself. In some cases, fees may apply if you ask for a copy of files that were already given to you. If this case occurs, we will let you know in advance.


It might not be permitted for us to communicate to you certain information directly. If we have obtained some information on you from a third-party we will communicate the source upon request.


Questions or Comments.

Responsible for protection of personnal information

Jean-Pierre Lessard, President 514 507-1999 or at

Our head office is located at: 1555 Boul de l'Avenir, bureau 306, Laval, Qc, H7S 2N5


IMERIS Mortgage Agency is a mortgage brokerage regulated and certified by the AMF #604619